2 May

NY Times Photo

There are no words to describe the way I feel right now. Thank you to each and every member of our military, past and present, for everything you do. We finally got that bastard.


Nice Try, Mother Nature

30 Apr

Remember when that tornado missed my house by mere yards and upon realizing I wasn’t home it hopped across town to my work and tried to get me there but still failed? Man, I remember that like it was 48 hours ago. Continue reading

I Quit!

18 Apr

Seven years ago today I quit smoking. Probably the one thing in life I’m actually proud of myself for. Continue reading

Cliff Lee

1 Mar

Cliff Lee pitches today. Of course it’s only spring training but who gives a shit? CLIFF LEE PITCHES FOR THE PHILLIES TODAY. Also in Cliff Lee-related news, Sports Propaganda Art’s Cliff Lee print has been approved by MLB and is available for purchase. Score! Continue reading

This Is My Life

26 Feb

It’s nice to see that some kids have their priorities in the right place. Continue reading

Because I Can, That’s Why

20 Feb

A few random thoughts before I head to bed for awhile…….

If you have time to be on Facebook or Twitter while you’re supposed to be working, you have no right to complain about your job. You’re being paid, quit being a fucking slacker. Continue reading

David Wright = Total Poop

19 Jan

An instant classic from The Onion’s SportsDome: Continue reading